Friday, June 26, 2009

What is the best forum for communicating what your church is on about?

Hey I have a question!
Reading about church planters and different ministers and their approaches to ministry and their vision for church etc etc, what strikes me as common is that they communicate what they are doing and the principlkes behind it to their congregation.
Now, here's the question, what is the best forum for this?
If you do it too much in the sermons, the sermons become about the way you do church, if you do it outside the sermons, when? Multiply meetings and vision days etc?
So, I'd love your thoughts on this.
I'm about to start a follow up course with some new christians. One set of material presents church in one week, kind of as an obligation on the believer, the other makes church almost the entire focus. I like the second to tell you the truth, but it has issues too.

Done rambling