Friday, July 17, 2009

Vote 1 Jesus?

Don't you love politicians pictures. All smiles, all respectability, stability. Everything we would want of a leader. They are successful, so, if they represent us we will be successful.

But this Guy, I mean really, who would vote for this guy.

One of the major problems we have in our country is an ageing population. This has implications for health care etc, but the biggest problem is that they have the money.
We need them to keel over so we can live on the wealth they have built up over the years, ' the inexorable rule of human tradition is that societies flourish on the manure of their dead members flesh' O'Donovan ' The ways of judgement' 233. Now, our politicians are dealing with this in a sane way,by keeping those oldies poor. (46% of single seniors live below the poverty line).

But this guy Jesus, he starts promising eternal life. Eternal! Like we have communion with the dead! All those extra mouths to feed. What is that going to do for the economy?

Or look at his immigration policy. Apparently everyone is welcome in his kingdom. How does that protect out interests. Lucky that churches set up their own border controls to keep the rabble out.

Or Law and order. Jesus' plan is to forgive the transgressors. Admittedly this would save us some money on the upkeep of jails, but surely privatising them would work just as well.

Would you want this bloke to represent you? Really?

"he has disarmed the rulers and authorities, and made a triumphant public display of them" Col 2:15


Mike Bull said...

Good observations.

I wrote recently about the relationship between church and state - according to the Bible.

It seems being a sacrifice changes the government.

Matthew Moffitt said...

Good thing that Jesus is already king and isn't running for election (I feel a Monty Python quote is on the horizon).

Mike W said...

Mike B- the observations are entirely stolen from O'Donovan, don't think he would disagree with you on that one