Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I may no longer whinge about church

Many of you know that I've been whinging about contemporary church services, their emptiness, and the lack of resources for putting them together for quite some time.
But now, I may whinge no more!
I finally got to bettergatherings and may I just say it is GOLD! GOLD! GOLD! for Australia.
Finally a resource that clearly and simply explains what was going on in traditional services, yet gives room for flexibility and creativity.

Here is their vision and aim

"Our vision: Christian gatherings in which not only the sermon, but the whole service is a powerful proclamation of the gospel. Each element of the service combines to take us on a journey in which God makes himself present among us by his word, and we encounter him together. In this shared experience we are filled with repentance, trust and praise as we feel again the grace of God in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our aim: To equip service leaders to craft meetings that by their shape, their contents and their tone proclaim the gospel of Christ, build his body in the unity of the Spirit, and bring honour and glory to God."


Dan Anderson said...

Did you look at the 'pet-blessing' section of the bettergatherings website (under 'services for ministers)?
Funny :)

Mike W said...

Hmm Yes

Matthew Moffitt said...