Monday, May 3, 2010

Teenage crazyness

On April 26, 4000 teenagers gathered to crush each other for a Canadian kid.
It was free
They got up early in the morning.
They waited around in the cold.
The police had to cancel the show because the kiddies couldn't control themselves.
Instant press coverage.
Wow that Bieber guy must be influential.

April 23-25 I went up to Katoomba with 2000 teenagers to hear the Bible taught.
There was 2000 the weekend before.
And 2000 the weekend before that.
It cost them about $150
They got up early in the morning
They waited around in the cold.
100 of them committed ....well a suicide of sorts
Jesus called them to pick up their cross and follow and they said yes for the first time.
The police didn't care.
Neither did Sunrise
Wow, that Jesus guy must be......

Sitting in that shed I was struck by how awesome and weird Sydney is. 6000 kids!

Another thing that has caught my eye is the way the line between 'solid bible teaching' and 'evangelistic' conferences are blurred these a days. My kiddies were happy to invite a bunch of their not yet christian buddies along to a conference that is meaty meat meat. (Though some of the older guys would like even more meatiness).
Apparently the same thing is happening at Sydney Uni's ANCON. It is cool


alison said...

Praise the Lord!

J said...

Alas, the theological bureaucrats (see the Faith and Theology site, and the fraud Kim Fabricus for examples, or Kotsko's daily lies) don't quite understand that real faith requires honesty and forthrightness, not sophistication or having read the latest bullsh*t from the latest french marxist b-s artiste.

Mike W said...

Hi J, you may or may not have a point there. But I fail to see how it has anything to do with my post. I can see you are quite frustrated with Ben and his friends, and that you are quite happy to engage with people you might disagree with. Me too.
I dont know that your tone is very persuasive though. You might try listening to what people are saying and engaging them on their ideas.

Mike W said...
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