Monday, July 19, 2010

No one sings statistics

I've given up asking God to give life. Month after month the blood flows. It's faithless, and those who rarely watch and pray can look down their nose. Not that he cant, or even that he wont. But I'm sick of watching him not.

Meanwhile the peaceful pray for peace, the strong for strength, survivors survive to sing songs of survival. No one sings statistics.


byron smith said...


Mike W said...

um, my own sadness and difficulty with prayer.

I'm wrestling with whether stories of answered prayer are very helpful to the person who finds prayers unanswered. I feel liike we need to acknowledge that watching a broken world and crying out to God about it is painful. And while he sometimes miraculously turns things around, plenty of times he doesnt.

byron smith said...

Ah. Yes, raising unrealistic expectations amounts to a cruel joke.

I'm soon going to post a quote from Rahner about "Christian pessimism" that you might appreciate.

byron smith said...

And sorry for assuming that the poetry of the post meant that you'd lifted it. You do have a gift with words, brother.

Not that eloquence increases the effectiveness of prayer. Sigh.