Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Principles for preaching- Whatever it takes

You've done the work in the study, you've figured out what the passage is saying, you've figured out how you want to apply this to your congregation.
do whatever it takes to get that message across as clearly and truthfully and as emotionally appropriate as possible.

Last week I preached a sermon where half of it was written by someone else (a poem almost).
It went for 12 minutes, and was possibly the best sermon I have ever done
It wasn't what was in my notes. My notes had a 25 minute clunker, where I expanded some of the points, made some extra points, faffed around.
I was intending to use one line from this 'poem'.
By the grace of God I was beginning to lose my voice that morning. I knew I only had about 10 minutes speaking in me, I knew that the poem said what I wanted to say, far better, so I did the whole thing and added some interpretive points at the end.
I had been contemplating doing this as I prepared, but my ego couldn't let me do it. Surely it would be shameful to use someone else's material for the majority of the sermon?
Bollocks to that.
The message is to important to waste time on bad ways of getting it across, do whatever it takes.

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