Sunday, June 12, 2011

Behold the resurrection

Nathaniel over at Behold reflects on Alan Badious take on Paul and the resurrection, especially as it relates to law and subversion.

"this means that idealistic notions of pure materialism or trancendentalism must both be rejected along with all forms that disguise the one within the other. The conviction must hold that Resurrection cannot be laughed out of material significance into the realm of the failed transcendent, nor can it be thrown up into the sky or into an afterlife in rejection of its reality here and now (leading to the acceptance of the status quo). Both of these ways of dealing with the Resurrection make the same mistake. They fail to take it seriously as an ontologically constitutive reality for God, creation, and the subject. They believe in something else, not the Resurrection Event."

Tied into this view is the conviction that it is Jesus, not me, nor my community, that has been raised. I may be raised by connection to him, but I still have some dying to do before that is the case. Therefore I cant project my own understanding of justice (where I am safe and others are not) onto God's resurrection future.
Interesting stuff.
Though I wonder how it explains our agency in 'putting to death' the sins of the body, if all our conceptions of just and right are too tied to the current order.

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