Friday, July 20, 2012

Other Christians are the cause of sin in the world: untested assertions and the consequence of ideas

A little furor has arisen over at the Gospel Coalition, over Jared Wilsons post on bondage and kinky sex.
In it, he approvingly quotes Doug Wilson, who argues that abandoning a clear authority structure in marriage (and sex in marriage) leads to that authority displaying itself in violence such as rape.
Of course, Doug Wilson puts it a little more colourfully.
There has been outrage at various aspects of this post. For me it exemplifies the kind of untested assertions Christian leaders are always making. This idea leads to that.. that idea leads to this. Often these kind of assertions just seem to be point scoring. That is, they say the reason there is sin in the world is because there are other christians who disagree with them.
So, Doug and Jared. Sexual violence and rape happen because of more egalitarian attitudes. Really? Really? It isn't because of the sinfulness of men? It isn't because people reject Christ and his way of love? Do you have stats on this? Can you run a control, where you have Christians with egalitarian views and Christians with complementarian views and see where sexual violence happens? Or as another control, a non-christian society with hierarchical structure and one without? Are there really such discrepencies in the rates of sexual violence that you can posit such a clear causal link?

On the flipside, egalitarian christians have responded "See! Complementarian views lead to condoning sexual violence!".
Now, the way Doug spoke of conquering and penetrating was unwise. In fact lets just say it was dumb. But as Jared has defensively pointed out, the thrust (excuse the pun) of Dougs point was against sexual violence, was for a vision of male power that is to serve and to love. Some of us may not like the way it was worded, but that is what Doug was getting at. And for the most part, I've found that complemtarian christians aren't really into sexual violence.

So here is a crazy thought. Perhaps sexual violence doesn't happen because of egalitarian or hierarchical views of the relationship between men and women. Maybe it happens because people are sinful bastrds.

And perhaps we should all pause before we pontificate on the consequences of ideas

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