Thursday, October 22, 2009

Alister McGrath on Barth, revelation and soteriology

"To interpret the idea of revelation, would, in effect,be to reduce theology to anthropology, in that a prior human model with it's attending epistemological presuppositions is required for the analysis of the idea in question.....The function of Barth's concept of the three fold form of the Word of God is therefore to provide a secure theological foundation for Barth's insistence that God, who has spoken his final and supreme Word in Jesus Christ, still speaks to man today- and in every conceivable historical human circumstance"
Alister McGrath commenting on Barth Iustitia Dei 2nd ed, 360

Has Barth placed revelation in the place of redemption?

"Early dialectical theology thus took up one aspect of Luther's theology (the otherness of God) and abandoned the other (man's bondage to sin)"

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