Thursday, October 8, 2009

Yoder- just don't say you're a christian

“ Jesus was not just a moralist whose teaching had some political implications; he was not primarily a teacher of spirituality whose public ministry unfortunately was seen in a political light; he was not just a sacrificial lamb preparing for his immolation, or a God-man whose divine status calls us to disregard his humanity. Jesus was in his divinely mandated prophethood, priesthood, and kingship, the bearer of a new possibility of human, social, and therefore political relationship. His baptism is the inauguration and his cross is the culmination of that new regime in which his disciples are called to share. Men may choose to consider that kingdom as not real, or not relevant, or not possible, or not inviting; but no longer may we come to this choice in the name of systematic theology or honest hermeneutics” John H. Yoder Politics of Jesus 52-53

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Mike Bull said...

All good, but the culmination of the events that began with Jesus' baptism ended with AD70, a "Land" echo of the Atonement in the "Garden." Thousands of crucifixions.

"World" is yet to come.

Why does nobody teach about AD70? It is inextricably linked to the cross.