Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Is a prophet amongst us?

Back in February Mike Jensen posted on young earth creationism, theological anthropology, the status of theology as fides rather than scientia, and freedom of speech.

Now Bruce Waltke has been nudged from RTS for expressing (not holding, just expressing publically was the problem) theistic evolution, Tremper Longman III has been booted for questioning a historical Adam, who knows who is next.

Hmm, maybe he knows something we dont.
(well, pretty sure that is the case anyway).

I wonder if the reformed fundamentalism will ever take over moore. It is certainly popular among many of the students. What do you reckon?


Mike Bull said...

The problem with these guys is their fides is in scientia rather than the written logos. Good as they might be on other areas, this is rot at the bot and it spreads. The educated might able to hold these conflicting views together (ie. the guys on Biologos) but the most of the children in the congregation can see the emperor has no clothes. Nothing personal against these gents, but their faith is misplaced, and it has disastrous consequences. Funny thing is they see this unwillingness to compromise as disastrous.

Anonymous said...

Yes there was a Radiant Prophet that lived here in human form for 69 years.

He spent 50 of those years thoroughly examining every aspect of the Christian tradition, and indeed all of the traditions of humankind.

His research on Christianity are summarized in a set of essays which can be found via this essay.


And on religion altogether.


Plus he also created a very special Zoo, the principal purpose of which is to re-educate us in how to live with the non-human inhabitants of this mostly non-human world.