Thursday, April 1, 2010

Songs of regret

I've been attracted to songs of regret and confession lately. Think Lou Reed's 'perfect day' or Johnny Cash's cover of the NIN song 'hurt'. This one is up there as one of my favourites.

'thankyou Father for your shoulder it was warm
you know my skies don't break as often as they could.
I've felt so hard lately all I want to do
is what you helped me do today.

I used to mock your stone cold weakness as a child
and think that I could break away from tragedy
and now the irony I ran so far from any one I love
it's come to humble me

and in your presence I cant help but cause you pain
just to hear myself the crazy things I say.
I know it all, and all you've ever shown is grace
and since when did you learn to tolerate?

Thankyou mother for your love which never ceased
beyond all merit no one else could find a peace
when I was ill of health and yet so proud to curse all I could see
you came to comfort me.

Most times I'm still a child and cursing much the same
and how my solitude must reek of your reward
I know my salty face is worth less than her smile
I cant go on like this no more

thankyou father for you shoulder it was warm
I hope your garment's worth less than my salty face
there's been so many suns when I've wanted to say
that I love you what you've done for me.

Now that my drought has broken and we'll brave the storm
perhaps tomorrow we can laugh and cry the same
maybe forever that will never be the way
and thats ok.

E. Wells 2006

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