Thursday, November 18, 2010

Blogs to change your life

Perhaps you are one of the few people who read this blog who do not also read the Blogging Parson and Nothing New Under the Sun. I'd like to recommend them as important for your life.

Michael Jensen at the Blogging Parson has been posting about the history of Sydney Anglicanism, and challenging us to avoid views of 'escaping the earth' and avoiding social responsibility. He outlines a vision for Sydney christians to have a prophetic voice for the large issues we face as a society.

Byron at Nothing New Under the Sun is such a voice. He gives us a calm and considered christian perspective on the looming (and now here) ecological, economic and energy crises. Byron's blog is an excellent resource for keeping informed. But more importantly, he helps us to think and live as christians within a changing world. It is a blog that every western christian should read and engage with.


byron smith said...

every western christian should read
I'll grant immunity/absolution to those who don't speak English yet.

Mike W said...

I offer no such absolution