Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Submission and Authority

Jesus is the one we are to submit to. He is Lord.
Slaves are to submit to their masters, not because of their oppressive authority, but out of reverence for Christ. In the same way, the masters had better submit to christ in relation to their slaves, especially as Christ is authoritatively in those slaves by the spirit. Each is the authoritative gift of God to the other, to be submitted to. Yes, thats right, you submit to the gift of God as you receive it with thanks.
Should wives accept their husbands as a gift of Christ? Should they submit? Damn straight
Likewise, should husbands accept their wives as a gift from Christ? Should they recognise the presence of Christ in their believing wives? Should they recognise that authority? Damn straight


byron smith said...

I agree, and this is an insightful commentary on Ephesians 5.21, but it leaves open the question: is this mutual submission differentiated? If so, on what basis?

Mike W said...

i dont know if it is a great commentary, it is just chucking round some ideas. I wonder whether the differentiation comes from the reality of the person in front of you. That is why even hardcore hierarchical complementarians have really different approaches in their marriages. I'm wrestling with a way to say that the authority is intrinsic but at the same time alien. I guess the diversity of gifts passages might be hady for that.

Of course, this makes things far harder. The shape of good submission will have to go beyond easy essentialisms and be attentive to the people and relationship structures around us.

byron smith said...

Ah, attentiveness, that's no fun. Can't you just give us a cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all bit of moral guidance to save us the bother?