Saturday, July 30, 2011

Why you think you are better than your preacher

I reckon most mature christians have one sermon in them. One talk that draws together the elements of their faith, one talk that stabs you in the heart then warmly heals the wound, one talk that shows Jesus is alive and Lord. That one sermon is better than each of the offerings that the minister coughs up each week, ("what is wrong with our seminaries, don't they teach preaching?"). When they get a go it bursts onto you like a sizzling debut album that has been crafted since the artists angst ridden teenage years, through countless mid twenties bedroom studios and now into your ears. BuT the follow up album never quite matches. Just as there is a big difference between a home cook and a chef. Cook up a talk in a couple of hours each week before you contemplate opening up a new restaurant. 

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