Monday, August 1, 2011

Act now please

Byron has given me a link that graphs out the various effects of climate action (and inaction).
Very handy for seeing the necessity of change.
Here it is.
Of course, compounding this whole problem is the idea that experts aren't really experts and can't be trusted.
The real experts are opinion columnists, not scientific communities.
I wonder what the damage will be from their ctying out "Peace, peace" when there is in fact, no peace.


byron smith said...

No, the real experts are anonymous blog commenters. The opinion columnists are a secondary level of expert, based on their ability to collate and edit various comments they have "researched" around the various ecosystems of the blogosphere.

Mike Bull said...

Both the opinion columnists and the scientists are paid to tell a story.

byron smith said...

The scientists are paid to prove other scientists wrong. When they can't do that over a long period of time, then the other scientists' results are considered "robust" (i.e. our best guess and worth taking seriously).

The journalists are paid to attract eyeballs.