Saturday, October 8, 2011

Avoid favouritism: some practical reflections

Rest secure in the status that God has given you. If you are a believer in Jesus, God has chosen you to inherit the kingdom, you don’t need anyone else's approval.

Unfortunately, in churches, when there is a disagreement over the style of service, or how ministries will be run, it is generally those with money who win. There can be a sense of
( well, they are the ones who are putting the money in the plate, so we can’t offend them). This can happen even if you don’t mean it. So if you have a bit of money, be careful how you present your preferences. Remind your ministers and your parish councils that you want them to do what is in line with the gospel and best for everyone, not just what will be best for you.

When we are at church, talk about what we have in common, Jesus. If a poor believer walks into our meeting and goes to have morning tea, and finds one conversation about golf, another about which Pacific island is the best for holidays, another about what is the wisest investment choice, will he feel welcome? Probably not. What we all share is Jesus Christ and the work he is doing in our lives, make an effort to talk about that.


Mike B said...

Loved this series, Mike

Mike W said...

Thanks Mike,
it was just a hacked up sermon. We have been working through James and it is great. It is a challenging book, and I think I've failed to show how it is all based on God's mercy and generosity. God doesn't like people who don't reflect his mercy.

Hey the new web site looks good too!

Mike W said...

Oh wait, could be the wrong Mike B

Mike B said...

Probably the wrong Mike B... I don't have a website, and my church's one is appalling. I'm the one from your MTC class.