Monday, October 3, 2011

Avoid favouritism: Who Jesus is

We cannot have favouritism because we are believers in the glorious Lord Jesus Christ. The one who we trust in, Jesus, the one who God has glorified, the one God said ‘Yes’ to when he raised him from the dead, the king of Gods kingdom, the glorious one, Jesus, was a person with dubious parentage, was born amongst beasts. was a refugee as a toddler, an illegal immigrant. He spent his childhood with peasants and when he grew up he hung out with criminals and lowlifes and hookers. He was unemployed and homeless until finally he was executed as a blasphemer, traitor and terrorist.
If you are looking for a nice religion of respectability, of fitting in, of moving up the social ladder, then perhaps Christianity isn’t for you.
At our evening service, when we do communion, I choose the two scruffiest looking guys to hand out the bread and the wine. I choose the guys with broken shoes, or no shoes, with flannies and heavy metal shirts and poorly shaven beards. It is deliberate, because if you wont receive the Lords Supper from these two, you wont receive it from a crucified Lord.

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