Wednesday, November 21, 2012

All I can do is pray: pushing through number two

the stomach healed up. Lost a couple of days.
Got back into the swing of things. Kept swinging.
A couple of days ago my eye starts weeping. Rinsed it, left it, slept on it, worked a day.
Still weeping at 9pm. Hmm. Back to hospital. 6hr wait in emergency. Looks like another corneal infection, maybe an ulcer. Up to the specialist in the morning. Hourly drugs and daily visits for the next few days.
Get a call from a retired pastor who is worried about my health.
"Oh yeah" he says. "I get eye problems like that."
"Though not so much now that I have retired and am not under so much stress"
"You wouldn't be under any stress though would you... hahaha".

Another week of Scripture lost. Feeling really useless. Can't read, not meant to mix socially (could be contagious). All I can do is pray


Jonathan H said...

Wow, Wellsie, that's terrible. I will join you in only praying.

martin henson said...

Praying hard works. I will pray for you also.

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