Sunday, November 4, 2012

On 'pushing through'

It has been a big couple of weeks.
A lot on at work. A big fundraising push. 'Interesting' pastoral issues. Diocesan training. Lots of meetings with big, controversial, difficult decisions to be made. As well as the usual week to week stuff. Friday night we had a '24hrs of prayer' at church that had me filling a gap at 2am.
The temptation has been to push on through this tough time.

Yesterday I got a massive headache. In bed all morning. Then in the afternoon I started vomitting blood. Not just vomit with tinged with blood. Rich red mouthfuls of blood.
Freaked out, called the ambulance. Off to hospital. Blood tests. CT scan. Morphine, mmmmm, morphine.
8 hours later I was released.
The most likely scenario is that the overtiredness gave me a migraine. The migraine gave me nausea, and the force of the vomitting, as it pushed through, tore the lining of my stomach. I'll have to go and get a camera down there to check.

Which makes me question the idea of 'pushing through'. When you 'push through', things get torn.


Alison said...

Hope everything is fine and things get easier soon!

Jonathan H said...

Wow Michael, that sounds awful. You take care now, y'hear?