Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Camp, soccer, wet patch....

On the weekend I went on a camp
We played soccer.
There was a wet patch.
I fell over.

Anyone who knows my form on this knows what is coming.

I was in hospital Sunday night.

This time it was a wierd fungal infection under my cornea from the skanky swamp water at Kingsford Smith park.
I go into the emergency bit at the hospital (after Rosie harassed me into going), the doctor says
' Are you in pain?'
' No'
'Are you sure?'
' Yep'

Then she calls in the next doctor, who takes a look.
"Ooo, thats strange isn't it. Are you in alot of pain'
'Oh, ok'

She calls in the specialist
"Hmm... so he says he's not in pain. Hmm, well he will be soon"

She was right. Cornea scrape. urgh.

Fie to the soccer I say.


Matthew Moffitt said...


Nick said...

When I read "Anyone who knows my form on this knows what is coming" I actually cringed.

Just as well you didn't hurt your liver!

Mike Bull said...

Was that Katoomba or Ballina skanky?

byron smith said...

Oh nooooooo...

Soccer is evil.