Monday, August 10, 2009

Cruel Equality: guessing competition

WITHOUT GOOGLING guess the author of this statement and which decade it was written in

"Equality is cruel to women because it requires them to duplicate behaviours that they find profoundly alien and disturbing"


Mike Bull said...

And this from Doug Wilson:

"...feminism, far from liberating women to compete with men on a level playing field, has actually resulted in a removal of many ancient constraints that provided protection for women—protection from one another. Feminism has not liberated women to get in there to race with the big dogs. But it has succeeded in multiplying the cat fights. Women don’t compete with men. But they can be prevailed upon to compete with other women, in the presence of men, for the approval of men, or for the men themselves."

Mike W said...

Well, since no-one else was willing to have a go.
It was Germaine Greer, in her 1999 book, "the whole woman".

Mike Bull said...

Never thought I'd agree with Ms Greer... ever!