Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yoder- we all want to change the world?

“The falleness of the world is not just the fallenness of individual sinners; the world as structure is gone awry. Those of us who seek to ‘take charge’ of events by challenging the Powers at their own game, trying to manipulate events in terms of their own inherent dynamics, may be selling out morally and practically at the very point where they claim to be taking responsibility. By agreeing to play by their rules we grant their idolatrous claim to be in charge of history in JHWH’s stead. Our refusal to play the game by the agreed rules may be more morally basic than our courageous wrestling with things as they are. Jesus defeated the powers by refusing to meet them on that terrain, at the cost of his life.” (The Jewish-Christian Schism Revisited, 175)

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Im from Melbourne.

Before one can "save" the world (as if that were in any way possible) one has to thoroughly understand who and what we are as Conscious beings, and our relationship to the world PROCESS altogether.

Otherwise one is just adding to the universal confusion, despite or contrary, to ones best intentions.

Plus references on politics & culture