Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's not the dead who praise the Lord: a reflection on Ps 115

Not to us, Lord Jesus,
not to us, but to your name be glory,
your burning love and faithfulness

Why does the West say 'Where is your God?'
He ascended into heaven, he does what he likes!
But their gods are dregs from dead guys lies

their market has a guiding hand, but can not feel
they manufacture arms, but can't embrace
slick bodies rub a friction,
but never spark the flame that conquers death

Those that trust them, they become them:
calloused phallus weapons

But the church of God can take a beating: Christ has died
the bride of the lamb will stand: Christ is risen
the people with his peace will keep forgiving
the dying, risen Christ will come again

Our Lord remembers and he blesses
his treasured, praising people
in his jealous fire he'll raise us
It's not the dead who praise the Lord.

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