Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Giving to God: learning from children

One of the beautiful things about small children is their generosity.
My nephew is an excellent giver.
When you make him lunch, he will take a bit of his food and put it on you plate, because he loves you. And somehow, those second hand chips taste so much better.
When he was younger he would come to my house, find shiny things there and present them to me as gifts.
The stupidly cynical would say 'the stuff was mine anyway' or 'I can make my own lunch', but the reality is, I love my nephews 'gifts'.

Likewise, it is stupidly cynical to say 'what could we ever offer God'.
Though God has made his Son the heir of all things, he joyfully allows us to take what is his and present it back to him as a token of our love. 'present your bodies as a living sacrifice'. Since God has made all things good, we don't even have to fix up the gift, or add value to it. The very act of presenting God's good creation back to him, of relishing it together, adds the value. But more than relishing together, in some private feast, we give back to God when we recognize his gift as 'gift' and give to others.
(which is like, hmmm, me and my nephew feeding the ducks together or something)

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Matt Bales said...

Great analogy.

Why have you tagged the post Hebrews?