Saturday, June 26, 2010

connect...connect...connect Food

One of the joys of Moore College is the weekly fruit and veg co-op.
Every Friday a bunch of students, faculty and hangers on gather together to snap up some cheap fruit and veg, chat and relax. Just what we need.

I've often wondered whether the concept would work outside the hallowed halls of College.

Tonight I stumbled into Sydney Food Connect.
Their goals are
Healthy food that supports local sustainable farmers.

Fair: 40% return to farmers!
Healthy: Organic & chemical free
Local: Food miles ~250km
Direct: Purchased from farmers
Community : Over 16 local pickup points

According to one report, the weekly pick up of veg from the 'city cousins' collection points are a great reflection of triune love!

With all our clamour to connect with our neighbourhood, why dont SydAng churches take up the Food Connect concept.

To be a 'city cousin', you need a largish indoor covered space (most are people's living rooms, so a church hall would be more than ideal), you need to be passionate about good food and justice for farmers (I remember preaching about that once, and the practices of oil companies..heehee), and you need to be able to be available for a couple of hours on a friday. All pretty doable if you ask me. And an awesome way to have legitimate, regular contact with people in your neighbourhood.
Hooray for Food Connect

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byron smith said...

We used to get a significant portion of our fresh food through this (or something like it - can't remember the name now). And we currently get a box of fresh produce delivered each fortnight from a local farm. Sure beats supermarkets and their nasty practices.