Sunday, June 27, 2010

Get rid of your fridge

The fridge is one of those modern, western conveniences that it is hard to imagine doing without, like flushing toilets or..well, flushing toilets.

But they sure do suck a lot of power.
So here is an interesting (partial) solution.

The basic idea (for those who can't be bothered chasing links) is to use a chest freezer with either a temperature kill switch or a timer.
Chest freezers
-don't lose as much cold air when opened
-have far more insulation
-use heaps less energy (90% less)

Not really practical in a 1 bedroom flat, but maybe next year....


byron smith said...

Nice, but what do you do with milk?

Mike W said...

the kill switch makes the freezer run at +4C, so, you pop the milk in one of the baskets in the chest freezer.
Apparently it only needs to run for 1 minute in every hour in winter and 2-3 minutes an hour in summer.
The solar guys like it too, since it wants power in the day and when it is most sunny

byron smith said...

So there are compartments at different temps, like in a vertical fridge? Or the whole things at 4ºC (in which case, what about frozen goods)?

Mike W said...

I think the guys that do it either dont have a freezer or they have two small chest freezers with one as a fridge. I wonder if the power usage is basically the same with two : )
it would be good if there was a commercially available 2 compartment one though.

byron smith said...