Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Is all 'reformed theology' this kooky?

I just read this article by Vern Poythress. It is about John Frame's multiperspectivalism. While I'm all up for a single truth with multiple perspectives, some of this article is just plain weird.
Weirdest is the way in which Frame and Poythress take a phenomenon or idea, break it up into three categories, and then say that this is somehow a 'trinitarian' structure, because the three categories relate to each other. I dont mind breaking things down into categories, that can be helpful, but claiming divine sanctioning for those ideas, because there are three, is weird.
Then they take this observation about their observations and claim that there is a trinitarian structure to all knowledge, because there is a trinitarian structure to all being!
All it takes to poke at this house of cards is adding another observation to their groups of threes.

My wife has a friend who sees the pattern of 48 everywhere, sounds somewhat similar

Tell me, you who are into this american reformed stuff, is it all this kooky?


daniel said...

Yes. Kooky for sure. I used to be convinced, but then I realised that you're right. It's just weird. Hope you're feeling better soon brother. Dan W

Mike W said...

There is still some good stuff there, obviously. What do you think people find appealing in it?