Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This Fathers Day

This Fathers Day, don't buy your Dad a damn thing. He has more than enough shit already.

This Fathers Day, don't make a long trip. If you really cared about family you wouldn't have moved so far in the first place, and those long, fuel hungry trips mean people are losing their Dads in cultures that actually do value family.

This Fathers day, don't eat meat. Which dumbass came up with the idea that eating meat was somehow more 'manly'? Maybe historically men ate more meat, because they had more physical work to do, and well, were just more important than the women. But these days men and women both eat lots of meat, because someone else does the physical work for us, and well, we are more important than the half the world that can't feed itself. Who cares how much farmable land we take up with our insatiable desire for flesh?

This Fathers day, pray with your Father to the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, that he would teach us to love mercy, live justly and walk humbly with our God

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