Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jesus rose early, while it was still dark

Jesus rose early in the morning, while it was still dark.

I got up early this morning (4:30), for no reason, except that my body was ready to get up.
I pottered around the house a bit, the air was stuffy warm with a tinge of bloody freezing radiating off the windows. Made myself a cup of tea and took the opportunity to read some of Robert Jenson's Systematic Theology. I remembered that he is one of my favourite theologians. A lutheran, deeply influenced by the Cappodocians, who gets Thomas and loves Jonathan Edwards. And on top of that he keeps going back to the Bible and especially the resurrection. Beautiful. Today I was reading on God's relationship to time and space, as well as some stuff on sexuality and politics.

I felt particularly alive this morning. Every now and then I get these moments of clarity where I feel alive, normal, energetic. I've been pretty sick the last week or so, fuzzy head, no voice. And realistically, I've been pretty sick the last year or so. But every now and then, I snap out of it, the world seems, well, more real. I feel like a teenager again, I feel in the moment.
Often these moments come after sickness. I get a migraine that knocks me out for almost a day and I wake up feeling wonderful.
When they come, you realised how impoverished your perception of life is at other times.
I wonder if this is what the resurrection will feel like.
More aliveness. Like we have been sick the whole time and only now are well.

Jesus rose early while it was still dark.
True of the resurrection too.
It is still dark.
I have a funeral on Friday. An uncle died of cancer. He was a very lively man. He taught me how to make pizza.
I cant wait for the whole earth to wake up.


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A lovely post :)

I have been sick like that too for the last week too.

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