Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sickness and Christian ministry

How much do our discussions of christian leadership assume that our leaders will be constantly healthy, young and energetic for their entire working life?
Is this realistic?
And if it isn't, what place is there for the ill minister?

I've heard tales from both sides. Some where an ill minister has been a burden on the church, or at least a missing rudder. But in other cases an ill minister can be good for a church, letting him focus on the few important things, having to learn to deal with weakness.

Perhaps this is part of a wider discussion about capacity. But I feel like it is a particular issue in Sydney, which doesn't have a strong theology of 'calling'


Mike W said...

yes, I am thinking about this because I've lost my voice, a particularly problematic illness for preachers.
but also thinking down the track. I have a heriditary degenerative disease. I may only be running on 70% in my forties, does that mean I should take a 70% load job, or just learn to work at that capacity?

Does it make a difference if I am twice as hot a minister as others?

(not a problem in my case)

Anonymous said...

michael, losing your voice is not an illness. get well soon! dont worry about the future. love you bro!

ekristiaman said...

hope you've got your voice already now, Mike. My secret recipe is Manuka honey and lemon :)Blessings