Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lying is ok if you a)do it as a group and b) can make a buck

We now live in a culture where corporate lying is seen as normal.

When a company attempts to manipulate it's public image, by say, spending a small amount on environmental projects, when the majority of it's business has extreme negative effects, they are lying.
McDonalds does not make health foods, nor promote healthy lifestyles for young people. They are liars.
BP is not a green lovin' company. They are liars.

I know we want to call it spin, good marketing, careful presentation. But it isn't any of these things, it is a public deception.
Now it may be that we have accepted that business, to work, must be done by deception and lying. That's fine. Just don't call yourself a christian.
As christians, we have to call this stuff what it is, and call people and corporations to account and to repentance.
If you work for a company that can't be honest about itself and it's practices, you need to call them to account. You need to call them liars and ask them to stop.

And for those of us who work for chuches. Well, at the very least can we stop saying that we need to work on our public image, to make people think we care about them. Just care about them


Matt Bales said...

Mike is there any biblical reason to work on people's opinion of ourselves. What about the ol' above reproach?

Mike W said...

I would think 'being' above approach involves 'being' above reproach, not 'appearing' above reproach. So much of our practical theology is done through the prism of 'youth group' misuse of the bible