Monday, August 15, 2011

A prayer for Haggai 2

God of the covenant
You are
God of all strength
Lord Almighty, God of armies, king of kings,
You command us to ‘Fear not’, to 'be strong', to 'work'

We say the names, we hear the stories, we remember your earthshaking resurrection,
and we still tremble. We are still afraid. Calm our fears.

We look at our broken world and wonder if there is hope. We look at those in power and assume they will last forever. But you have promised to shake again the heavens and the earth, and so we beg you today

Shake up our world

Shake away all that is evil
Shake the powers that enslave us
Shake away our greed and rampant desire
Shake tyranny to its core
and then build your temple, build your church, build your people.

Strengthen all of us, that we might work as for our Lord Jesus Christ
that we might not be distracted and choked by the pleasures around us
that we might not be disheartened by hardship
but that we might know your presence Lord God,
that your Spirit might dwell in us,
empowering us to love wildly,
to obey freely,
and to work wholeheartedly for your Gospel,
knowing that our work in the Lord is not in vain.