Wednesday, September 28, 2011

On writing stupid and inflammatory posts

It is something I do every now and then, usually late at night when annoyed about something.
I need to learn to use that schedule button and put them off for a week or two then come back.
Thanks Mike Doyle for the correction, though I still have concerns about T&V, the post was dumb and is removed

cf. the title of this blog


Mike W said...

Sorry Mike,
apparently once a post is deleted from blogger it is gone forever.
I've never deleted one before.
(another downside of not using that schedule then edit system.
I'll put aside some time (ha!who knows when), to go through the book piece by piece in a less charged way soon.
Removing your comment now

byron smith said...

But gone from Blogger does not mean gone from the interwebs. Nothing ever really disappears. Email me if you want a copy of your rant for any reason.