Thursday, November 24, 2011

Principles for preaching- don't explain too much

The Bible contains many different types of speech.
Unfortunately, most of our sermons are dominated by 'explanation'.
The frightening thing about preaching is that if you really boiled down the important bit you had to say, and then added on explanation of anything the congregation REALLY didn't know already, most sermons would be about three minutes long.
What we usually do is fill up another 20 minutes with more explanation.
So here is a crazy idea to try with your next sermon.
Only explain something if the congregation really can't understand it otherwise.
Once you know your points , find the most appropriate expression, and save explanation for what needs explaining.

So, think of the point you want to make.
Would a question make it better?
A preacher I knew, once preached his whole sermon as a story. You would think it wouldn't work, but as I talked to each of the congregation, they got all the points, even though he hadn't given them in propostitions
What a precious delight when a preacher revels in his words!
Who Savours: enjoys, appreciates, relishes, delights in, partakes of, drools over, luxuriates in, enjoys to the full, smacks their lips over.... Savour the flavour of each mouthful
Praise Jesus for his work in that preacher!
"Sing a joyful song to the Lord all the earth"
But my tears of frustration, a never-ending empty lament for the over-explainer.
You! you preacher, you are guilty of this accusation
"Won't somebody please make him stop, I beg you"
I must confess, however, that this list is an ideal for me, and not a reality
Lord, make me a better preacher, I pray
But my weakness doesn't absolve you of this charge
I exhort you, Stop explaining!
And sometimes even silent...........

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