Monday, November 28, 2011

Sex means something

Other than a pleasurable experience, sex means something. As I've preached through 1 Corinthians 6-7 I've realised how few people - in our churches - believe sex means something.

I mean that the bonding which sex brings is simply not believed. Sometimes people accept it within the context of coupledom but think singles can have 'pleasurable experience' without meaning. Others think that sex always is about the 'pleasurable experience' and that's what gives the bonding, not some tangible transformation that happens through sexual activity.

I've asked around and most people agree their non-Christian friends almost universally think this. Although some married non-Christians still don't think its right to share those experiences outside the marriage.

Two conclusions come from this. First people hear the prohibition against sexual immorality as an anti-pleasure anti-experience stance. But if bonding is true then the prohibition is against self-destruction and other person abuse.

Second, I'm not sure people in our churches understand 'the two will become one flesh'. (1 Cor 6:16) Consequently a key image in the doctrine of union with Christ is not understood. And therefore people do not understand the possible intimacy that exists between two people 'in Christ'.

Thus when I preach 1 Cor 7:38 'he who marries the virgin does right, but he who does not marry her does even better' it is simply unlivable. Who believes marriage is right but unmarriage is better? Certainly not people who haven't grasped their current relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Simply put, 1 Cor 7 makes no sense if 6:12-20 is not understood and believed.

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Anonymous said...

"1 Cor 7 makes no sense if 6:12-20 is not understood and believed."

Totally agree. As we read, talked and prayed through 1 Cor 7 at La Trobe late last semester I found myself coming back to 6.12-20 again and again.

I found the emphasis on the resurrection in verse 14 particularly important to maintain -- it's hard not to hear ch 7 as anti-body without it.