Tuesday, December 20, 2011

God is no tourist

To a world living in darkness, the light has come,

To a thirsty world, God has sent Jesus, the living water

To a hungry world God has sent the bread of life, the one who gives life in abundance, full life, the shoots of eternal life in a world parched by death.

To a world that seems beyond repair, to people that seem to be failures, to be a disease on the earth, to be a failed project on God’s part, God has joined himself forever.

He who created all things enters the creation
The Sovereign Lord over all becomes a servant
He who shares the divine name is named with us
The judge the earth shares our judgement
The one worthy of our worship is born as a baby

God didn’t stand far off, throwing commands and condemnations. God didn’t come half way, visiting only the good , or the strong, or those who have it all together. He didn’t come to humankind as a tourist, fawning over the good bits and gawking at the poverty only to return home with some happy snaps. No, in Jesus God came all the way to us. He became one of us. He entered our world of flesh and weakness and death. He entered our world of sin and temptation. He entered our world of joys and sorrows.
God become one of us,
for us

Where we failed to be truly human, he succeeded
Where we backed away, he prayed to his Father
Where we turned to selfishness from fear, he turned to selflessness from love.

Where we deserved condemnation, God hung upon the tree
Where his body ascended into heaven, we will also be.
and already are
Humanity lifted up forever in him.

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