Tuesday, December 13, 2011

In the town of Bethlehem Christ becomes an infant

In the town of Bethlehem Christ becomes an infant as One
Compassionate renewing our nature. We who were born on earth
come let us gladly sing in our hearts a tuneful song to the Master
For He is forever gloriously glorified.

When he had heard Thy report, O Christ the Prophet
(St. Simeon the God-Reciever) was frightened
in that Thou art from a Virgin to be born and he cried out
with trembling Glory to Thy Power, O Lord.

O Renewer of all the world and its Saviour, the whole creation with the
angels extols Thee, it leaps and dances and rejoices with trembling
and it says "Together with me , to the ages all ye works with longing

bless and also highly now exalt hte venerable birthday of my Redeemer."

Mary wholly pure, O rejoice who recieved God ,spotless Maid rejoice foundation of the fallen. O marvel! For today in thee did the Master
appear and thus renew those corrupted and bring up to the light
that has no evening, O Damsel.

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