Friday, December 16, 2011

Taking leave of humility- actually I was right all along

One of the running gags between staff members at our church is the idea of taking 'humility leave'.

After the teary and very sincere leave taking of Piper and Mahaney, we think we should be up for a break too!

So I was (not that) surprised to see that what CJ Mahaney learned from his leave is that he was right all along.
At the SGM pastors conference he said sorry for saying sorry because he really wasn't sorry at all.

“Finally, in relation to my confession, I wish I had defended myself. I think I briefly, at the outset, possibly at the conclusion, referenced my disagreements with Brent’s narratives and accusations. But I wrongly concluded that it wouldn’t be humble of me to defend myself. I am now convinced that this really reveals an ignorance of, a misunderstanding, a wrong application of humility. I had no category for an appropriate defense against criticisms and accusations, especially public ones. I think not having a category didn’t serve me.”

Ah humility. I was right, but I just didn't know how to be humble correctly.
Better take some more leave.
Poor sucker Brent, whoever he is. He has just been expertly flanked.
No reference to the material content of the case. Just a confession then a backflip.

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