Saturday, July 8, 2017

Psalm 1

Do you want to know who's happy?
The guy who isn't walking around getting advice from the wicked;
Who doesn't stand himself on the offender path,
Who isn't sitting down making plans with mockers, schemes with scoffers.
He is chasing though,
Chasing after the LORDs teaching.
You can hear him muttering it night and day as he reads.
That fella is like a tree near a good stream.
Nice ripe fruit,
Leaves that don't wither.
Whatever he's doing, he's doing alright.
Not the wicked but.
They are like dead grass husks
Blowing in the wind.
They won't stand up under judgement.
You won't have offenders standing  with the righteous.
Because God loves the way of the righteous.
The way of the wicked though?
It'll die off

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