Saturday, July 8, 2017

Psalm 2

Why are the nation's all worked up?
People muttering over nothing?
The king's are all set,
rulers of this earth plot with each other
Against the LORD and his Messiah
"Let's chuck off their chains, let's bust off their ropes"
The one who lives in heaven laughs,
The master takes the piss out of them,
Then turns on them all angry and speaks
And makes them all "oh...shit" with his fury
"I, I put my King on Zion, my holy mountain"
Wanna know what he set?
He said
"You are my Son. I made you my Son. Today. Myself. Ask me, and I'll give you the nation's. Your inheritance, the ends of the earth will be yours. You'll smash them with an iron bar. Smashing up like a porcelain cup"
So, listen up kings
Be warned rulers of the earth
Worship the LORD with fear
Rejoice, but tremble
Kiss the son, in case he gets pissed off,
Because his fury can flare up in a moment
And all those people who find refuge in him,
They're happy

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