Monday, January 11, 2010

Books Clubbed

As a new batch of 1st years pour into Moore College, my best piece of advice to them is 'get in a book club'. Book club is definitely where i have learnt and been stretched the most. (thanks guys !)

I'm trying to remember which books we've done each year, so this list isn't exactly in order

'Evangelical Theology' K Barth
'Exclusion and Embrace' M Volf
'The one, the three and the many' C Gunton
'The Trinitarian Faith' TF Torrance

'The Crucified God' J Moltmann
'Holy Scripture' J Webster
'nein and....(i don't remeber the title) Barth and Brunner

then timing starts to get a bit blurry
'God Crucified' R Bauckham
'Church Dogmatics IV.1 59' K Barth
'Holiness' J Webster
'Resurrection and Moral Order' O O'Donovan
'The Hauerwas Reader' S Hauerwas
'Ways of Judgement' O O'Donovan

Have I missed any?

All of these were fantastic, though 'Exclusion and Embrace' still tops the list for me, an incredible book.

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byron smith said...

Wow. What an excellent list! And yes, what a great idea to be deliberate about doing this throughout college. Reading groups have always been a highlight for me and I regret not organising more at college.