Sunday, January 17, 2010

The feast of the mediocre supper

let us celebrate the feast of the mediocre supper.
We haven't fasted, we stand at the end of history, our home pantries are chocked full, why wait?
We wont feast. But we've banned alcohol in our churches, and together we will partake of the mystical milk arrowroot and common international roast,
then home for our private eschatologies


Mike Bull said...


Spot on - except for the bit about it being the end of history. Long way to go yet. The New Covenant will not fail.

So get to work you lot. Stop standing around gazing into heaven.

Mike W said...

yes , sorry, it was a sarcastic jibe at Fukuyama's pronouncment that the dominance of liberal democracy is the end of history

byron smith said...

Rough Sunday?