Friday, January 8, 2010

schweitzer on ethics and mysticism

'the ethic of self-perfecting is in inmost connection with mysticism. It's ow destiny is decided in that of mysticism. t
Thinking out the ethic of self-perfecting means nothing else than seeking to found ethics on mysticism. Mysticism, on it's side, is a valuable world-and-life-view on in proportion as it is ethical'

albert scweitzer 'civilization and ethics' trans by C T Campion London: Adam and Charles Black, 1949 3rd ed

For all his talk of mysticism, schweitzer rejects all forms of current mysticism as world and individual negating. Attempting unity with the absolute or essence of being is a futile activity that distracts us from the reality in front of us. Yet scweitzer urges us to have a transcendent or mystical view of the mundane reality as it is.

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Mike Bull said...

I can understand this apparent contradiction. Satan cannot create. He can only begin with what God has made. So there is a good mysticism and a bad. It depends on our view of creation.

Here's an example: Modern mystics think we are gods. Modern materialists think we are beasts.

Well, we are gods and beasts, but only Scripture gives us the correct way to understand these things:

See "Where the Wild Things Were"