Saturday, March 5, 2011

Are we serious about Biblical models of leadership?

Allow me some tongue planted into cheek

Are we serious about biblical models of leadership, or are we simply swayed by our culture?
I present to you these simple facts.
Almost every leader of God's people in the Old Testament was Jewish.
Every one of the apostles in the New Testament was Jewish.
Though there are occasional leaders who aren't Jewish in the OT, their nations are never described as blessed in the same way that Jewish led ones are.
In fact, God's people shouldn't even want leaders like other nations, or who act or dress like them.
Though some people like to get rid of order in the bible, Paul clearly says that the gospel comes first to Jews, then to Gentiles.
The Jewish nation are given a clear responsibility to be the teachers of the rest of the world and in families when it comes to the word of God and world leadership. When others take up this role, we simply allow them to be slack with this responsibility.

I think it is clear that Jews should be leading and preaching in our churches, and even go so far as saying it is wrong to vote for a gentile to be in a position of leadership in our nation. It simply goes against clear biblical teaching and patterns.

*remove tongue from cheek*


byron smith said...

The occasional congregation being taught by a Gentile and yet flourishing despite this fact ought to be a rebuke to the Jews in the congregation for not getting up and taking the lead.

Of course, where there are no Jews, then I have no problem with Gentiles teaching a Gentile-only audience. In fact, perhaps we should have Gentile only conferences to make sure that there are forums for Gentile preachers to practice.

Mike W said...

And yet we wonder why our churches are full of gentiles!

Actually, this conversation is getting interesting without tongues in cheecks

Christopher Taylor said...

Are you guys using gender euphemisms?

Mike W said...

umm, caught me out chris

Rene Pfitzner said...

We let gentiles service lead and even read scripture aloud at my Church. Sometimes also to do a drama which has a gentile character.

byron smith said...

Perhaps Gentiles could lead bible studies if they lead as a team with a Jew?

I think Gentiles also do a very important service in preparing the tea and coffee after the service (as long they remember to keep it kosher so that all can partake).

Matthew said...

Does this mean that Gentiles should stop blogging?

byron smith said...

Don't be silly. We're not anti-Gentiles here. We fully support Gentile ministry. Gentiles can blog about crafts and raising children and post nice photos. Or perhaps they can theo-blog for other Gentiles. Maybe we need a Gentiles-only blogging network?

Mike Bull said...

The Jew/Gentile divide ended in AD70, at least as far as God is concerned. The bipolarity only existed from Babel to Pentecost, tongues to tongues.

This divide was social, a human race split into two courts: holy place and outer court. It was temporary.

The role of men in church is not related. It is Creational, and will last until the end of history. Wherever gender "equality" is practised in ministry it brings sterility.

For more on the end of the Jew/Gentile divide, see:

You cannot be a Jew or a Gentile any more. Only a believer or an unbeliever. It is a new Jerusalem.

Matthew said...

Ephesians 2.14 would point to AD30 or 33.