Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Eat, pray, love, vomit, repeat.

A few people have linked to John Dickson's article at the ABC, about a culture where people can no longer share ideas, even disagree on things. It is sad

I really wanted to share some cartoons with you from

They are great! Look especially at this consumerism ones, hilarious, thoughtful, challenging.
Now, he and I obviously have a different opinion of Jesus (although I wonder if it is that different, his beef seems to be with right wing politics more than anything else), so he declined to have the comics put up on the blog. Fair enough I guess. But it is still sad that we form ourselves into such tight camps that we can't see the people alongside us travelling in a somewhat similar direction.
Do look at the comics though, the blog title was from one on Yuppie tourism

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alison said...

Interesting article.

I used to love Polyp when I was little - I would read the comics every month from my mum's New Internationalist magazines.

Maybe that explains toomuch about the way I think now... :P