Friday, March 4, 2011

John Piper on Julia Gillard?

If anyone is going to the John Piper conference later in the year, can someone ask him whether it was sinful to vote for labor at the last federal election, because Julia Gillard is now Prime Minister?
Or does the prohibition only apply for American commanders in chief?
Or do we want to avoid going into this because he will either a) call us soft on complementarianism or b) embarrass us terribly


byron smith said...

Or was it only sinful for the MPs who voted for her, since the rest of Australia (outside her electorate) didn't?

Michael said...

Hmm, good point. Perhaps we could suggest that the United States move towards a Westminister system to avoid the sin of voting for women

byron smith said...

Ah, but they might have to wait for Her Majesty to die, lest they be seen as obeying her.

Actually, presidential elections occur though the electoral college, which means that even in the US voters are not directly voting for a president (technically).

Mike Bull said...

Michael, New Testament worship fulfills the Old. Women are now allowed into the space which fulfills the Holy Place as helpers BECAUSE IT IS SAFE. The serpent has been defeated and expelled. But Adam had to go in there first.

But women cannot stand and image the MOST HOLY. That is the job of an Adam, always.

The triune architecture, top-down, is Garden, Land, World, Most Holy, Holy, Courts, or Word Sacrament Government. The outflow of the Word is also top-down (or bottom-up because the Most Holy is also a grave).

So B. Hussein and Julia are nowhere near the Most Holy. Same as Deborah. Julia and Deborah are only where they are/were because of a lack of male vertebrates, which is the problem of the modern western church.

The Most Holy is not an equal opportunity zone. This is where church and state are entirely separate.