Thursday, April 14, 2011

Don't tell anyone what happened....

One of the things we learn about sexual abusers is that they manipulate their victims by isolating them " Don't tell anyone what happened....." Sometimes a threat is attached. Secrecy is a strange thing. I've heard church leaders say a similar thing, "I'm about to say 'x', but I don't want you to tell anyone that I said 'x', because that might cause some trouble, so it will be 'our little secret'." Or they pillory those who let out information as 'damaging for the gospel'.
Maybe I wasn't paying enough attention, but I haven't read many positive responses from evangelical christian leaders to wikileaks either. Given the Bible has such a strong emphasis on truth and wikileaks has uncovered copious amounts of corruption, I don't understand the vehement defence of privacy for the powerful. I'm wracking my Brain for the chapter and verse that says the goings on in the courts of the powerful are a 'no go zone' for truth. Yikes, even David sends back Zadok and Abiathar to do some spying. (Which is reported to us by Wiki2samuel).

Those in power can be seen as, in a small way, preempting the judgement of Christ. Wielding the sword to curb injustice, and rightly so.
Julian Assange has wielded the power of the internet. Perhaps he is doing people a favour by, in a small way, exposing the secrets of mens hearts, while they still have time to repent

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