Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Robert Jenson The true God occurs as Jesus' resurrection

The true God occurs as Jesus' resurrection. With some oversimplification,
we may say that the two classes of God's attributes are those posited in saying
that anyone is risen, and those posited in saying that it is Jesus who is risen.
Had Nero risen instead of Christ, there would still be an eternal something,
but it would be an eternal malignity. That there is instead an eternal benignity
is what is said by attributions of the second class. And it is the actual content
of Jesus' human life that interprets penultimate hopes and fears to give such
content to eschatological vision. That Jesus' humanity and ours interpret each
other at all depends on his resurrection, but the matter of the interpretation
depends on the specificity of his humanity.
Jenson Christian Dogmatics 184

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