Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stop being Australians

I've often wondered what I would do if I lived in a country that was bent on taking over/destroying the world. The common target is Nazi Germany. But there are plenty of other examples. How would you respond? Would you be happy to just plod along with your life, integrated into that kind of system? Would you join some kind of resistance movement? Or attempt to leave?

The Guardian has an interesting table of the most polluting nations.

Australia isn't really up there for the amount of pollution, but it is the number one per capita polluter.

Oh, that's because we supply so much of the worlds natural resources, it isn't very fair to blame us right?

Well, look at the per capita consumption.

We are number 2.

If our world is going to avoid the absolute catastrophes that come with climate change, the most important thing will be that people live lives that are nothing like ours. Our lifestyle IS the problem. We are the problem.

So the ridiculous campaigns of the Liberal Party are correct. "The Carbon Tax means you will have to consume less". Yep.

If there is one thing the world needs at this point in time, it is for us to stop being Australian

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